Open Cannabis organizes events around marijuana and its connections with health, arts, sciences, and technology.

Open Cannabis brings together leaders to direct discussions, panels, TED style talks and even debates around marijuana issues. Events will regularly feature rockstar speakers that will range from policy makers to inventors of technologies.

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We've brought an awesome group of people together who are interested in solving problems related to cannabis and drug policy.

Michael Latulippe

Michael Latulippe

Founder of Open Cannabis

Michael Latulippe is the Founder of Open Cannabis and was the driving force behind its creation. Being a software engineer, originally Open Cannabis was supposed to be a community organization trying to make cannabis data from dispensaries public so that developers could use API's to develop better medical cannabis applications. Michael announced the organization at Google's San Francisco offices during a Database Meetup and received quite an applause from the audience. Because he also organizes some of the largest software engineering groups in the country, he decided Open Cannabis would focus on event organizing and initiatives in the city on New York as well as San Francisco. Linking culture with cannabis is currently the endeavor in which Open Cannabis and Michael are taking part.

Christina Walsh

Christina Walsh

Creatress and Conduit of Connectivity

Christina is currently pursuing a career in communications. Her aspiration is to innovate in the industry and unite artists to establish a synergy of support inspiring creation and collaboration. Christina is joining Open Cannabis to help out and be a conduit of connectivity as we link cannabis and culture from San Francisco to New York City.


We have chapters in San Francisco and NYC.

San Francisco Chapter

The San Francisco Chapter was the original chapter announced at a Database Tech Meetup within Google's offices in San Francisco as a community driven software engineering project to bring data about marijuana aggregated from several sources into easily readable and accessible open data API's. This chapter now focuses mainly on medical cannabis issues.
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New York City Chapter

The New York City Chapter is creating groundbreaking events around health, arts, sciences, technology, and marijuana as well as organizing a committee to create initiatives legalizing marijuana in NYC, as well as a committee to handle outreach to local community organizations and officials.
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Our sponsors join with us in helping bring change to cannabis policy through cultural events.

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Become Noticed, Inc

Become Noticed, Inc is a technology company focused on several areas including Website development, search engine optimization, event organizing, and linking people together.